Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shake up Christmas

Now my personal christmas season has begun and you
shall get Christmas-y stuff!
They'll be named with Christmas songs too ;)

Fun facts about this outfit:
- has four color channels
- new mesh
- The package will be availabe under Outerwear. As soon as TSRW is updated, the sims3pack will be too!

 Both, package and sims3pack included!

What is
It's a page that let's the viewer see 5 seconds of advertisement and then let's you skip it to the download link.
I, as the one giving you the link, get paid from it. You do not have to pay for it, nothing. Just wait 5 seconds.

Patterns are not included!

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awwboo said...

I can't seem to download. Has this been deleted?

Rayne said...

Both links worked for me, maybe try it again?

JS Sims 3 said...

WoW it's awesome! Thank you!!

Blonde Chaos said...

Great outfit ♥

Unknown said...

I love it

Kilhian said...

Really nice mesh!

Barbara said...

Thank you <3

simsinspring said...

jahdkashdkadhkadhak i love this hon! great job♥

Lex said...

Gorgeous outfit!

I downloaded using the adfly link - normally I hate it when people use adfly, but I love that you gave us the warning and the choice :D


Rayne said...

Thank you Lex! Now that I have put up this choice I feel a lot better :)

•(♥).•*´¨`*•♥•(★) Amiee (★)•♥•*´¨`*•.(♥)• said...

did you update this one for outerwear after?

Mitthoo said...

I just love this dress. You create so beautiful clothes. Umm rachel, can you tell me from where did you get that shoes you are wearing?
I have downloaded all of your dresses and use them everyday. especially the winter clothes. keep creating! <3

Rayne said...

Thank you so much ♥

THe boots aren't up anymore, there is only this link -> going around, since the creator took them down :)

The link does work though, no worries ^^

Unknown said...

You are amazing! Wow I love everything you do!! <3 <3

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