Terms of Use

Terms of Use

  • Don't upload my creations onto any other site!
  • Don't claim as your own. 
  • If you use one of my meshes, link back to me!
  • If you modify one of my meshes, link back to me!
  • If you retexture one of my hair conversions or meshes, link back to me! 
Feel free to use any of my meshes, stuff or include anything I made into your downloads as long as you don't claim it as your own or don't credit me! :)


DavidMont said...

Do not feel bad, but when I read your TOU I thought someone was screaming me LOL

Rayne said...

Because the letters are so big? I don't even know why they are but...I think yelled TOU is good too :D

Anonymous said...

No offense but if your some one like me that has ridiculous amounts of cc and you upload your Sim to the exchange, you really wont be able to remember all the different clothing and hair sources, let alone credit everyone, as long as people don't claim it as their own meshes it should be fine.
Plus if anyone downloads a Sim from the exchange with Cc there is no way to know the download sources, not trying to be rude so don't take offense if some one hasn't credited you, though feel free to rage at any Cc mesh thiefs.
Sorry again. I just find your request to credit almost impossibly unachievable given the ridiculous amounts of Cc I own.

Unknown said...

I think your TOU is more than reasonable. I think each person should take responsibility to organise their downloads and take note of the creators, whose work they have downloaded. I find it disrespectful that people believe that it okay to simply say that they have too much stuff in their Mods folder. And if someone needs to know the details of what is a sim3pack file, then can use Sims3Pack Cleaner and look at the files that are contained. So, no excuses.

Other than that, I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! (Yes, I'm shouting)

EpiskeySims said...

I'm not sure if you're the creator but I totally miss Vampire Mine /cry I seen some of the photos in here and it made me happy. <3

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