Friday, August 24, 2012

Love Forever

Hey guys ;D

Here I am, with my new couple posepack! It's a mixture of different types of poses, but all for couples!

As always, it's pose list compatible and I gave my best to make those poses good. 

a_pf_loveforever2_female+  a_pf_loveforever2_male

a_pf_loveforever3_female  +  a_pf_loveforever3_male
a_pf_loveforever4_female +  a_pf_loveforever4_male

a_pf_loveforever5_female+  a_pf_loveforever5_male

 a_pf_loveforever6_female + a_pf_loveforever6_male

 a_pf_loveforever7_female +  a_pf_loveforever7_male
a_pf_loveforever8_female +  a_pf_loveforever8_male

a_pf_loveforever9_female +  a_pf_loveforever9_male

And yet again I have to thank my friend Rachel Reed for taking part of the pictures for me. Rachel, I love you ♥

- Rayne ♥

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fun with Friends Posepack

Heyhey ;D

I have made a new posepack, based on this picture
It was a lot of fun and I like them a lot! They can, of course, be used on each own, they don't have to be together! 

 My friend Rachel Reed made the pictures for me. 
She is an awesome photographer and an awesome writer! She writes a story and has a Sim Cosplay page. 

Cosplay Page: SIMply Cosplay

Check me out on tumblr:
And my Facebook page:

Thanks ;D 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cute Flower Dress

I gave my really best on this dress, I still need a lot of practice but I am satisfied with the result of this dress.

Every part is recolorable, except the flower pattern. The mesh is made by me! :D

Hair: Peggy (Anubis Retexture) /NewSea (PaintStroke) /SkySims /Peggy
Tights: The Sims 3 Basegame / Katelys

You can find it here:

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Marvel's Superheroes

Hey guys ;) 
I got a very special posepack for you.
They work for both, female and male very good, as you can see.
I got some requests from my friend, she is obsessed with Marvel's comics so she had fun searching for some poses for me to do.
I hope you like them as much as I do! 

As always compatible with the pose list ;D




a_pf_hero7+ a_pf_hero8

Suit:  frisbud
Boots: Anubis - Ace Creators
Hair: Newsea ->

Suit: EA
Shoes: EA
Hair: NewSea ->