Monday, March 26, 2012

Kaytjas Pretty Little Liars posepack

Its been a while since I took my time and do some poses, and since I have been watching Pretty Little Liars a lot lately I just had to do the poses. I hope you will enjoy them.
yes, they are in the poselist thanks the the wonderful Rachel. <3

Pose number 1 - Spencer
Pose number 2 - Hanna

Pose number 3 - Aria

Pose number 4 - Emily

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adriana-Lima-Posepack by Rae


My new posepack is finally ready and also in the list.
I hope you guys like it!

Pose 1 (Model Nalei)

Pose 2 (Model Adriana)

Pose 3 (Model Kaytja)

Pose 4 (Model Adriana)

Pose 5 (Model Rachel)

Pose 6 (Model Serena)


I hope you like the poses and my new way of presenting them!

Have fun!