Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best Friends Forever ♥ - Rae

Hello ;)

I am back with a cute best friends poses!
As always, included in the list!
Thanks to my friends for lending me their sims ♥

This should be a_pf_bestfriend9 and a_pf_bestfriend10

Thanks for downloading ♥

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vampire Love by Rae

Hiya ;)

I'm back with a new couple posepack! 

Even vampires need some love...
Or blood.

Included in the list ;) 

a_pf_vampire1_female + a_pf_vampire1male

a_pf_vampire2_female + a_pf_vampire2male
a_pf_vampire3_female + a_pf_vampire3male

a_pf_vampire5_female + a_pf_vampire5male

a_pf_vampire6_female + a_pf_vampire6male

a_pf_vampire7_female + a_pf_vampire7male
a_pf_vampire8_female + a_pf_vampire8male

a_pf_vampire9_female + a_pf_vampire9male

I know that one is missing, but there was a problem so I've left it out!