Monday, March 26, 2012

Kaytjas Pretty Little Liars posepack

Its been a while since I took my time and do some poses, and since I have been watching Pretty Little Liars a lot lately I just had to do the poses. I hope you will enjoy them.
yes, they are in the poselist thanks the the wonderful Rachel. <3

Pose number 1 - Spencer
Pose number 2 - Hanna

Pose number 3 - Aria

Pose number 4 - Emily


Anonymous said...

Nice work.

Y2kRobie said...

Were can I download the model/sim? she is so pretty :)

DaijahV said...

Beautiful poses! Thank you for sharing. Could you also post the names of these as well?

Maddie said...

The poses are named
a_ppl01-4 :)

Unknown said...

Отличные позы!И мимика замечательная.Спасибо!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for these and sharing them :)

llamas and hats said...

Please reupload! the file has been deleted

Unknown said...

File was deleted... Please reupload or let us know where to find it... :(

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