Friday, August 24, 2012

Love Forever

Hey guys ;D

Here I am, with my new couple posepack! It's a mixture of different types of poses, but all for couples!

As always, it's pose list compatible and I gave my best to make those poses good. 

a_pf_loveforever2_female+  a_pf_loveforever2_male

a_pf_loveforever3_female  +  a_pf_loveforever3_male
a_pf_loveforever4_female +  a_pf_loveforever4_male

a_pf_loveforever5_female+  a_pf_loveforever5_male

 a_pf_loveforever6_female + a_pf_loveforever6_male

 a_pf_loveforever7_female +  a_pf_loveforever7_male
a_pf_loveforever8_female +  a_pf_loveforever8_male

a_pf_loveforever9_female +  a_pf_loveforever9_male

And yet again I have to thank my friend Rachel Reed for taking part of the pictures for me. Rachel, I love you ♥

- Rayne ♥


Unknown said...

Fantastic! Love them. Awesome work :-)

DaijahV said...

OMG! So awesome! I love the one where she's hand feeding him on the floor! And #5! Great job!

mypalsim1 said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I can't decide which set is my favorite!

Unknown said...

these are fantastic, thankyou so much for sharing :Dx

Zhippidy said...

so sweet :)
thank you

JS Sims 3 said...

Sweet ! Sweet! So sweet! Thank you

Jasumi said...

These are nicely done, thanks ^^

Anonymous said...

Very nice work.

Unknown said...

Wow, these are just GREAT! :D
Could you tell me what program you use from making these poses? ^^
Oh, and one more thing, where'd you get the skin of the vampire? Can you lay out a link for it? :D Thanks <3
- Layla

Rayne said...

I use Milkshape. And I really don't know about the vampire's skin since I didn't take the pictures. My friend did!

Thanks for the comment though :)

Kilhian said...

Amazing poses!! Love them, thank you ^_^

Unknown said...

Brilliant poses!!! I love them :-D

Unknown said...

I love your poses they are gorgeous but they won't open in WinRar for me

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