Monday, December 24, 2012

Simple Poses -fixed-

Ho Ho Ho!

Short information about this:
On the 24th, the 25th and the 26th I'll upload a special gift
here and I call it "3 Days of Christmas with  Rayne".

Today I'm starting off with a posepack, my Simple Model Poses in a fixed version.

I hope you enjoy it :)





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Anonymous said...

Where did you get the shirt/dress for the model with the blue hair?

Rayne said...

The shirt is from here ->

And the skirt from here ->

Caro said...

Where'd you find the outfit the model is wearing on the far right in the first picture? Thanks :)

Rayne said...

The top:
The jeans:
The shoes:

Anonymous said...

Lovely poses. May I ask, where did you get the converse shoes for the model in the middle?

Rayne said...

Here :)

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! :)

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