Sunday, July 14, 2013

Young Elizabeth

This is a project I started a while ago. The outfit of the younger version of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. There will be more Bioshock Infinite conversion so you can make a proper Cosplay out of it! 

It took me an awful long time to make it as flawless as possible. The hair is really low poly so it won't look as good as other Sims 3 hairs, please keep that in mind.

I also had too many problems with the choker. I couldn't get it to properly work so I had to scrap it. (I've been trying for over a month). Maybe I'll get it to work one day and then I'm gonna upload it. But for now this set is without the choker.

I did my very best and I hope it is appreciated! :)

Round view of Dress, Shoes, Hair

Available for YA and Adults
Available under Everyday, Formal, Outerwear
has 2 channel
includes 5 morphs

Available for YA and Adults
Available under Everyday, Formal
has 4 channel
includes 4 morphs

Females / Males
Available for Adults, YA, Teens
has 3 channel and the fourth is the bow
Texture by Me
 Control by Anubis
Mesh by Irrational Games
Respect my TOU!

Sims3pack + package included

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Unknown said...

I definitely support you. Converting meshes takes ages (some people think it's as simple as downloading and making a package) Especially clothing! good job!

simsinspring said...

damn girl! what a job ♥

Rayne said...

Thanks you two! ^-^♥

murf said...

I'm supporting you, cuz you support us, by making awesome content; thanks!

memoriesx said...

This is beautiful! :) I absolutely love the "Bioshock" games, especially "Infinite"! This is gorgeous!

Sinti said...

Good conversion! Like this set! Well done!

Kitty said...

That hair is also perfect for Belle from Beauty and the Beast. :3 Very nice.

Unknown said...

Usually I'm just a lurker, but I'm breaking my silence to thank you for uploading this. This is beautiful! You have no idea how excited I get over BioShock conversions of any sort. I can't wait to see what else you create!

Unknown said...

I love your blog and all your post, but i have a question.
Can you join to observers on my blog, please?
Thanks ;)
If you want, add my banner :)

Zhippidy said...

Very pretty, and thank you!

Unknown said...

The hair's not showing up for me?

Rayne said...

Maybe you looked in the Hat-Hair section, I think it's in the normal one.

LolDud3 said...

I really love your creations and i think they're the best ones i've ever seen.
so anyway, i've been looking for the Burial at Sea version of Elizabeth's hair and outfit, but sadly, it seems like no one has made one yet. and I've actually requested someone else to do this, but they said they couldn't so they led me to you. So I'd be thoroughly obliged if you could do this one for me, Thank you. :)

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