Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Heart by Heart

So, I have a new, romantic couple posepack for you guys. The pictures were made by awesome people on tumblr. They're all so pretty, right?


Picture taken by TrstmeImaLiar

picture taken by Minasavenue

Picture taken by Wonderinsimsland


Picture taken by Thecnih

Picture taken by Me

Picture taken by Allyourlittlesims
 a_rayne_heartbyheart_06a + 06b

Thanks to all the people that joined my little Pose Picture Contest! I had so many beautiful pictures, it was so hard to chose. Look at this tag on tumblr to see the others as well! Just thank you all ♥

For pose number 5 I modified a mesh by Aikea Guinea.

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sexygirl201212 said...

is this pose come with post list

Rated PG said...

I like these a lot!!!

Chomiczek said...

Amazing and sweet :) Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Do you need pose player for this?

Rayne said...

Yes, you always need poseplayer :)

Elin Jansson said...
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Elin Jansson said...

Are they pose list compatible? :)

Love them!

Zhippidy said...

Oh I like these :)
Thank you!

ahmad alfaridsi said...
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Jessy Diaz said...

♥ it so much! Moreeeee~!

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