Friday, July 5, 2013

DMC's Kat Hoodie


So, I really love Kat from DMC because she looks so damn cool! My friend Elaine then created her and I just HAD to immediately convert her hoodie. So here you have it. I find it to be quite awesome. Of course it's not perfect because it wasn't made for Sims. I just decided it would still be awesome.

It's also available for pregnant women which is cool!

Thanks to Elaine for the AMAZING pictures ♥

Other DMC Stuff:
There will be more DMC conversions by me too, so look out for them! :)

Available for YA and Adults
Available under Everyday, Outerwear, Athletic
has 4 channel
includes 5 morphs
Mesh by Capcom
Respect my TOU!

Sims3pack + package included

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''I dreamed a dream'' said...

thank you i love it

Jennifer said...

I bought this hoodie for my sister and she loves it. Warm, comfortable, well made, great fit and looks good.
i would recommend tie dye CD110Y T-Shirt

Zhippidy said...

I like this very much, thank you.

(The links for Dante's coat and hair are invalid)

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