Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sleepy Braids


Here I got another hair conversion for you guys! I adore this hair so so much and it took  me a long time to find the mesh since Helga has been down for so so long. I'm glad I could find it in the end and it was definitely worth the search!

I take requests for hair conversions, you can shot them on my tumblr!
If you wanna retexture it, go ahead but don't forget to credit me and Helga properly ;)

Mesh by Helga
Texture by Pooklet

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Anonymous said...

Love it, it's very pretty!
You should convert some male hair there aren't to many good male hairs out at the moment.

Pinklady1 said...

Thank You, I really was hoping to get this hair for TS3. It looks lovely!

Lerz said...

Thank you for this, I loved Helga's hair and it really sucks that there isn't many conversions for ts3 of her hairs.

bitterquill said...

This is the cutest, most versatile hair I've seen in a while. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

These are suuuper cute! Thankyou so much! :)

bitterquill said...

I'm greedy and would adore this for toddlers and children. It's soft and casual enough. So...if you ever decide to do it, I would be very grateful. And if not, well, I'm still grateful for having this version. ;)

Rayne said...

That actually sounds like a good idea, bitterquill! I'll work on it, promise :)

Unknown said...

This hair is beeeeeeautiful! Where can I get that Minnie Mouse shirt and necklace as well?

Rayne said...

Thank you :)
The shirt is by Juliana and the necklace by Elexis. If you google both, you'll find them ^^

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