Saturday, December 8, 2012

Santa Baby - SF Magazine

So, Sim Eve from SF Magazine asked for somebody to make an outfit like this one so I thought, hey why not? I think it turned out pretty nicely!
SF Winter Issue

Available under Sleepwear and Everyday
Available for Pregnancy too 
Mesh by Me. 

Package and Sims3pack included!

 What is
It's a page that let's the viewer see 5 seconds of advertisement and then
 let's you skip it to the download link.
I, as the one giving you the link, get paid from it. 
You do not have to pay for it, nothing. Just wait 5 seconds.

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mypalsim1 said...

I have this song in my head now. Everyone around me thanks you lol! :)

Very cute. Hope I can find a good use for it!

Blonde Chaos said...

Super cute!

SimEve said...

Thank you so much for doing this! I love it.

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