Tuesday, September 4, 2012

PewDiePie Fanshirts

Here I am!

 Back with some cool PewDiePie Fanshirts which I got requested to do and which I also loved to do since I am a fan of PewDiePie.

Don't know who he is?
PewDiePie is a big youtuber who plays games like Amnesia, Happy Wheels and very crazy stuff. He is very hilarious and unique and I will just leave you the link to his channel for the case of interest!

Even if you don't like him, you may like those shirts ;) 
Credits to the logos and pictures go to various fans who drew those 
amazing pictures, I am sorry to not be able to name them all!

And again, my good friend Rachel from Vampire Mine [TS3] took the pictures for me since I got a lot of stress with school starting again and...thank you very much! ♥

And here we go to the download /(^_^)/


Anonymous said...

AMAZING *W* I'm a Bro too :D

Cnih said...

Great to see this--are you planning on releasing any other Gamer Youtubers (Tobuscus, Nova, etc)

EmoGirl said...

Where Can i download this to the sims 3? (frist time sorry XD)

Anonymous said...

*Brofist* Pewdiepie Lives FOREEVER!

Abby said...

eyy gurl,
you rock :D
~AbbyHeath1 on ModTheSims

Unknown said...

The shirts didn't seem to appear in my game. Are they for teens or Young Adults??

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