Saturday, January 18, 2014

With Love

You fought my flaws, my teeth, my claws with love

I have a new couple posepack. It's composed of old poses, made a long time ago and also new poses. I really hope you like them :)

a_rayne_withlove_1a + 1b
a_rayne_withlove_2a + 2b
a_rayne_withlove_3a + 3b
a_rayne_withlove_4a + 4b
a_rayne_withlove_5a + 5b 
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Unknown said...

Is it Pose List compatible?

Unknown said...

hey how do you download the poses?

Secreta said...

Rayne, I don't know if yu take requests, but if you do, can you please, please, please make at least one of these, if you can all fo them maybe? there are 5, I took the images from google, you can do the facial expressions as you wish. If you don't take requests, that's okay :)

Inte ditt namn said...

Aaand another request, and i dont know if you take them but I've seen you are good at converting 3D-models. Could you take a look at this and see if you could/would like too create jinx? Im sorry if I come off as rude since english isnt my main language.

Thank you for reading.

Ines Caranaubahx said...


Bunnybby_:3 said...

Heyyy bby :3 I totally love your Sims 3 Creations and I was wondering if you could possibly put these Sims up for download on The Exchange or Mediafire? They're really cute 0.~

Frida said...

Where did you get her shirt? It's really pretty

Unknown said...

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