Saturday, November 16, 2013


 Hey hey hey ;D

So, I've started this quite a while ago and then a skirt like this had been released and I stopped. But then I continued because this one has it's perks. I like how I did it, I must say, so I hope nobody is mad that I am releasing it.

And I hope you enjoy!

Available for YA and Adults
Available under Everyday, Formal, Outerwear
has 3 channels
includes 4 morphs
Mesh by Me
Respect my TOU!
Sims3pack + package included 

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Unknown said...

Hey! It's a very nice work! Can you say or give me link to first top? Thank you :)


Very nice skirt! Thanks for giving the option not to have to click adfly (because of that I did click the adfly download ;))

Anonymous said...

The download link for teens won't work, Chrome says it has an infinite redirect loop D:

Mystery said...

Yes, can you reupload the teen version, please?

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