Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stylist Popular - An EA retexture


I really do like some EA meshes, but not the textures. So I decided to retexture some, starting with all the male hairs from the store and all EP's that I like. So yeah, you'll get hit with hair retextures now >:]

This one had been hidden in the game but I really like it. Now it's base game compatible and usable in the game ;)


                                                 Basegame Compatible
Available for Teen,YA and Adults
Available under every category
has 4 channel
includes 5 morphs
Mesh by EA
Texture by Me
Control by Anubis
Respect my TOU!

Sims3pack + package included

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sailorjune said...
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sailorjune said...

This is great! Bring on the retextures!

(Adfly's not working ATM - but I did click!)

Christina said...

loving it Great Job

Unknown said...

Rayne! I love this hair but who is that boy??

Rayne said...

Uh, one of my male sims. His name is Daniel :D

Unknown said...

Omg. He looks exactly like a sims 2 sim I have named Daniel. :D

Do you plan on sharing him?

Unknown said...

(The only difference is my Daniel has green eyes instead of brown.)

theLettuceGarden04 said...

Umm, I have a problem with this hair no offense- I love the hair style but:
-For some reason when I equip the hair, my sim's eyes turn the same colour as the hair with is weird.

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