Wednesday, May 22, 2013



This dress is pretty simple with a showy back and just really cute. I wanted to have such a dress and so I made it. I hope you enjoy :)

Available for YA and Adults
Available under Everyday and Formalwear
has 3 channels
includes all 4 morphs
Mesh by Me
Thanks to Anubis for letting me use his Peter Pan Collar ♥

Sims3pack + package included

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Frida said...

This is a really pretty dress!

simsinspring said...

awww, preeeeeeetty ♥

VĂ¢nia said...

Very beautiful dress <3 please, can you tell me where did you find the first pair of sandals (on the girl with the white version of the dress)?

Zhippidy said...

So cute!

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