Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Head over Heels

So, I wanted to start to mesh shoes for a long time. And I have redone 
this shoes a couple of times but I wanted them to be just perfect. 
Now I feel like I finally reached that and I'm ready to share my precious
 babies. I really hope you guys like them and I also hope they work as
 fine as they do in my game cause I don't want anybody to be sad about them not working.

Enjoy :)

Available for Teens,YA and Adults
Available under Everyday, Formal and Outerwear
has 2 channels
includes all 5 morphs
Mesh by me

sims3pack and package included

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Ella said...

Omg! You did a killer job on these! They look amazing! I definitely see myself way over using these :P

simsinspring said...

this, is GEORGEOUS!

Unknown said...

They are really really Beautiful. Nice job, thanks for sharing this with us. gw2 gold

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