Thursday, February 14, 2013

Klaine Posepack

I'm a serious shipper of Klaine from Glee and so the choice to make these poses was fairly easy!
It was also inspired by this tumblr and this sims by simstaplease! 

No worries, those poses work on straight couples as well as on gay and lesbian ones ;) 
Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

And lots of love to my best friend Izzy, cause today is her birthday ♥ I love you!

a_rayne_klaine_1a + a_rayne_klaine_1b

a_rayne_klaine_2a + a_rayne_klaine_2b

a_rayne_klaine_3a + a_rayne_klaine_3b

a_rayne_klaine_4a + a_rayne_klaine_4b

a_rayne_klaine_5a + a_rayne_klaine_5b

Credits for the Blaine and Kurt sims go to simstaplease :)

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Alex said...

:O THANK YOU!!! very cute :3

Anonymous said...

Hey there (simstaplease here!)

Just wanted to say that these poses look absolutely wonderful! Lovely job.

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