Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vampire Love by Rae

Hiya ;)

I'm back with a new couple posepack! 

Even vampires need some love...
Or blood.

Included in the list ;) 

a_pf_vampire1_female + a_pf_vampire1male

a_pf_vampire2_female + a_pf_vampire2male
a_pf_vampire3_female + a_pf_vampire3male

a_pf_vampire5_female + a_pf_vampire5male

a_pf_vampire6_female + a_pf_vampire6male

a_pf_vampire7_female + a_pf_vampire7male
a_pf_vampire8_female + a_pf_vampire8male

a_pf_vampire9_female + a_pf_vampire9male

I know that one is missing, but there was a problem so I've left it out!




Anonymous said...

These are A-Mazing. Great Job

yangthecat said...

Awesome! great work. Thanks!

leah111397 said...

I'm definitely in need of these poses for my new story on my blog. You should check it out if you have a chance!

~Emmy's Blog~ said...

These poses are awesome! Epic-ly amazing! <3

mypalsim1 said...

*jumps up and down and claps hands* Oh goodie! Thank you!

Zhippidy said...

Like like like! very nice :) Thanks!

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