Monday, May 21, 2012

Facebook Request AND Rae's and Kay's first pack together

Hello :)

This time it is both of us - Rae and Kay. Yeah, that is a special moment.
We had a contest on our Facebook Page and you guys could chose the poses we should made. Now, here they are.


We will do those request contest some time again, so you shouldn't miss our  Facebook Page  ;)

Thanks for stopping by!
-Kay and Rae ♥


JS Sims 3 said...

So sexy :D
Thank you for sharing!!

Pralinesims said...

great poses!!

Anonymous said...

wow! i love the second the most! <3

Helen said...

Очень симпатичные позы! Спасибо)

Priscila said...

Beautiful poses! * - * How did you do the poses in bed and with other objects? I also do poses, however, exists only in my blender rig the couch. I am Brazilian, so forgive me my bad english = (

Rae's Pose Factory said...

We both work with Milkshape so we have no clue how it would work for you. We're really sorry!

Mura said...

Hello Rayne! I think I went on a downloading spree with your poses haha. However, do you mind if I ask what the names/codes of the poses are here?

Rayne said...


I shouldn't always forget to include them x3 Thanks a lot ♥

Vivian said...

Hi! I love this pose pack! If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the second model's hair?

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